Following general trading conditions are valid exclusively. We recognize opposing one or of our trading conditions deviating conditions of the client not on, it is, we your validity would expressly in writing have agreed. Our general trading conditions are valid, even if we drove an order out in knowledge more opposing or from our general trading conditions of deviating conditions of the client.

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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

1. Definitions

The company IHS GmbH, in the following IHS Security mentioned, exercises professional execution of security agency achievements of each kind for persons and objects in accordance with § 34 A of the GewO. The activities cover work and real estate property protection, mobile safety device service, safety center, intervention service, protection of individuals, meeting protection and special service.

1.1.1 The factory protection force trained safety coworker as well as IHK examined factory protection force specialists take place for objects with increased safety requirements or enterprises with special legal editions and regulations due to your high endangerment situation through particularly for this task.

1.1.2 The real estate property protection usually takes place via one or more safety coworkers, who are used particularly for and/or few protection objects in a spatial connection, whereby by special instructions the individual activities are specified.

1.1.3 The mobile security agency takes place via single strips. Become thereby - so far nothing else agrees upon actual with each Kontrollgang controls of the protection objects summarized in routes at as irregular a times as possible made.

1.1.4 The safety center is the link to all assigned safety coworkers. Here all safety-relevant information gathers and is documented, informed and the further measures coordinated, which were co-ordinated in individual cases with the customer and in an instruction are summarized.

1.1.5 The intervention service accomplishes with detailed alarms in the safety center the appropriate alarm pursuit measures. An instruction regulates details.

1.1.6 The protection of individuals measures which can be accomplished is based on an individual protection of individuals concept. All assigned coworkers are subject to a resuming out and further training.

1.1.7 The meeting protection covers the cash, order and supervision service for exhibitions, fairs and meetings.

1.1.8 The special services contains sporadic activities in the safety area, like e.g. Personnel controls, Personalbegleit and protection services, Observationen, etc.

1.2 The mutual obligations between clients and IHS Security is agreed upon in separate contracts.

1.3 IHS Security as safety enterprise of its coworkers as an executing aide. The selection of the coworkers and the instruction right are with IHS Security. Deviating from it the client is entitled with danger in the delay to give the coworkers instructions. If damage results from the observance of the instructions given by the client, then IHS Security does not meet adhesion. From the observance of the instructions if third damage resulted, then the client is obligated in relation to IHS Security in the interior relationship to exempt IHS Security from a any adhesion.

The client recognizes on the fact that the coworkers belong to the operational organization of IHS Security and is not employed, in order to promote the worktechnical purpose pursued in the enterprise of the client. The client will refrain therefore to integrate or them instructions give the coworkers from IHS Security into the own enterprise.

If the client should offend against these obligations, then the client becomes IHS Security of disadvantages, which develop from this release.

IHS Security von Nachteilen, die hieraus entstehen freistellen.

1.4 IHS Security is responsible for the fulfillment of all legal, official, sociallegal and berufsgenossenschaftlichen obligations opposite its coworkers.

2. Instruction

2.1 IHS Security - co-ordinated with the operational interests of the client - a written instruction to prepare, in that the closer regulations over strip courses, controls and other functions, which must be made, are fixed. The instruction is to be countersigned by the client and becomes a component of the contract.

2.2 Changes and additions of the instruction require the written agreement.

2.3 So far unexpected danger situations it require, can in individual cases from intended strip courses, controls and other service devices distance be taken.

3. Clothing and equipment

3.1 Your coworkers for the employment equip IHS Security with uniform service clothes.

3.2 Articles of equipment, like control systems, firearms, radios, motor vehicles etc. are put, to the coworkers by IHS Security on appropriate requirement of the client, against a fee monthly which can be paid at the disposal. Details regulate the separate contract.

4. Lounges/toilets

The client commits itself free of charge to make the suitable premises available for the safety coworkers of IHS Security. The client ensures for the fact that during the use of the areas as well as committing the object all legal and official editions are fulfilled.

5. House and arrest right

The client authorizes the safety coworkers used by IHS Security for the time of the employment to the practice it being entitled house right.

6. Emergency and key regulations

6.1 The key necessary for the service is punctual from the client to make available in sufficient number and free of charge.

6.2 The client announces in writing IHS Security the addresses, telephone numbers and the sequence in case of an endangerment of the person or the object - also at night - by telephone to informing persons.

6.3 Data changes must be communicated to IHS Security immediately in writing. In the cases, in which IHS Security has to accomplish alarm pursuit over locked on alarm installations, is to be proceeded as under point 6.3.

7. Execution by other enterprises

IHS Security keeps itself pre with agreement of the client - for fulfillment of its obligations of other enterprises certified in accordance with § 34 A GewO, to avail itself.