For our individual security services tailored to your needs our staff is at your disposal with more than sufficient know-how. They are also trained with the latest technology which

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Economic investigation

Vague assumptions, conflicting statements and obscure situations: in many cases only targeted observations and investigations will bring clarity and security. IHS GmbH offers you qualified investigation services for many application areas. Together with you and upon request together with your legal advisor, we will work out a suitable and individual strategy for solutions in order to guarantee your required security. Our services cover among others:

  • alimony issue
  • fraud in continued pay (moonlighting)
  • violation against the UWG (Law against unfair competition)
  • electronic eavesdropping/prevention of electronic eavesdropping
  • brand spoofing/product piracy
  • analysis of applicants
  • safeguarding vehicles
  • back-door recruitments
  • special technical solutions
  • video surveillance
  • investigations and observations national/international
  • securing of evidence/DNA analysis
  • detection of insurance fraud
  • theft and concealment of stolen goods
  • forgery of documents
  • passing on of confidential information
  • simulation of inability to work
  • surveillance of employees
  • sabotage
  • tracking down debtors
  • control of sales force
  • irregularities during logistic processes
  • threatening letters
  • stalking
  • GPS positioning
  • investigation of credit-worthiness

By working competently, target focused and innovatively (sometimes even unconventionally) and by using the latest technology, we reach our target to help you with a successful investigation.